Month: February 2016

Stream Sungeist’s “The Plague, it Came a-Riding!”

Not only did we release two music videos supporting Sungeist‘s debut album, The Plague, it Came a-Riding! – we’ve also uploaded the full album to YouTube.

This way, so you can stream it while you’re on your way to work.

Or while you’re bored at work.

Or while you’re taking a bathroom break at work.

You can also stream it when you’re home. Really, you can stream it anywhere you want. That’s the whole point of streaming!

Anyways, #enjoy!

New website

It was long overdue; we’ve finally updated our website. The old design just didn’t cut it for us anymore; we decided start from scratch and overhaul everything.


In order to streamline our operations, we’ve decided to revamp our online store. Instead of hosting it via our website, we’ve decided to switch our online store to bandcamp. Not only can you get our releases on vinyl and tapes, it also means you can get them in the digital format of your choice!


As part of this major overhaul, we’ve scrapped the old blog archive so we’re starting anew. Here’s a brief summary of what you might have missed.


In late January, we released Sungeist‘s debut album The Plague, it Came a-Riding! – available on tape & mp3. 


So far, we’ve launched two music videos to support the release. Make sure to check them out! And if you like what you hear&see, don’t forget to share it on your Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr or whatever social media platform you fancy. 

Sungeist – Broken Bird Blues

Sungeist – The Third Path of Consciousness